Seite 5: Epilogue: A day of Scouse gonzo

A day of Scouse gonzo“ – pho­to­gra­pher’s note

Our brief was to walk from Goodison Park to Anfield collec­ting pic­tures and sto­ries that told of the area, its people and the changes to both as money flowed into foot­ball, but didn’t necessa­rily find its way into the city. In a day of scouse Gonzo, we allowed the story to pull us along, to church, Susan’s Salon, several boo­zers and Stanley Park, the gran­diose Vic­to­rian centre ground.

11 Freunde has the grass roots of foot­ball at its heart so a fea­ture on the people and places sur­roun­ding the Liver­pool giants seen in it’s pages seems apt.

In June, on the days sur­roun­ding the Cham­pions League final in Berlin, the spreads were used to adver­tise the maga­zine across the city, proudly pla­cing the gritty, boarded-up rea­li­ties of tra­di­tional foot­ball into the monied gla­mour of Europe’s most glit­te­ring prize.

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The map we handed over to the workers in the 11FREUNDE layout. A bit order­less. Examples: Nr. 3 – Sus­an’s salon, Nr. 11 – Billy, Nr. 16 – Eileen

More videos on this topic from the Guar­dian we highly recom­mend to watch:



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