Seite 4: Evertonians in the houses of Liverpool FC

The door of her house is red, painted long before she moved in. The Elli­sons, her next-door neigh­bours, are Liver­pool sup­por­ters but curiously, they live behind a blue door. Both of the clubs could not exist without one ano­ther. They share too much history to untie. The rivalry is based on banter like that of sib­lings tend to hoax one ano­ther. When Everton opened a store in the city’s new Liver­pool One shop­ping centre, they named it so it’s postal address read, Everton Two, Liver­pool One‘.

Eileen Snell lis­tens to the radio com­men­tary during the games. Whenever Everton score, she knocks at the wall adja­cent to the Elli­sons. This sup­porter of the Blues lives behind a red door in a house owned by the Reds. And when Liver­pool is playing at the bottom of her garden, she pulls the curtains.

A pic­ture of a young boy and girl is stuck in her window, they wear the jer­seys of Everton and Liver­pool. The num­bers on the back: 96. Eileen Snell remem­bers the day of Hills­bo­rough when the fami­lies returned from the dis­aster and grieved at Anfield Sta­dium. I still hear them crying when I lie in my bed. I will never forget it‘.

Behind her garden, beside the ter­race, one can find the Hills­bo­rough Memo­rial. Paul Cas­sidy’s eyes are red­dened, he glances into the distance unable to look directly. The body of this small, tubby man works, he whips from one foot to the other, clut­ching his Marks and Spencer bag tightly. His eyes wander along the memo­rial plaque. Flowers, scarves, child­ren’s drawings. Cas­sidy blows out, he needs fresh air as memory tigh­tens his throat. Just ima­gine that‘, he says, Just ima­gine. Foot­ball, the thing you adore the most. You go visi­ting a game and then…‘ Shakes his head. Shakes it again. Then you don’t come back home‘.

Cas­sidy wears a jersey not with a play­er’s name on the back but the word: Remem­be­ring‘ the number 96 and Y.N.W.A.‘ written below it. Initials of the famous Liver­pool song: You’ll never walk alone. When he stands in front of the plaque to pause people turn and stare at him. Some even take photos of him. For Cas­sidy’s jersey is not red, it is blue. It is one from Everton FC.