Patrick Klui­vert, 20 years ago you scored the winner in the cham­pions-league-final. How do you rem­eber that moment?
I sat on the bench for 68 Minutes, the clock was ticking. But I knew that my time would come. Even­tually Luis van Gaal sent me on the pitch. In minute 85 Marc Over­mars got in a quite unpro­mi­sing situa­tion at the left corner. But he managed to pass the ball back to Frank Rij­kaard. Frank saw a gap in Milan’s defense and passed the ball through. I reached it with the tip of my toes and scored. 1:0 against the great AC Milan. Five minutes later the game was over – and we were Cham­pions-League-Win­ners.

Last year, Mario Götze scored a com­pa­rable goal in the World-Cup-Final. Like you 1995, Götze is still at the begin­ning of his career. Ever since his goal, Götze seems a bit restrained. What impact did your goal have on your career?
I felt a huge pres­sure at first. I had the fee­ling, that all eyes were on me. Always. But even­tually I got along with it quite well. I want to encou­rage Mario Götze that he can over­come this pres­sure as well. He is a talented player. He has abi­li­ties I didn’t have at his age.

Was the goal against Milan the most important goal of your career?
It accel­lerated my career for sure. But there were plenty of important and beau­tiful goals, espe­cially in the national team. The goal against Argen­tina in the quar­ter­final of the 1998 World Cup is defi­ni­tely one of them.

Dennis Berg­kamp scored the winner in that match. You two played side by side for a long time. Was Berg­kamp the best strike partner you ever had?
Dennis was fan­tastic. But I played along­side George Weah at Milan. And later on I played side by side with Ronal­dino. Don’t forget Ronald­inho, no matter what he’s doing nowa­days. He is one of the greates players of all time. Ronald­inho and George Weah are on a par with Dennis Berg­kamp.

The Cham­pions League 1995 was Ajax’ last inter­na­tional title, the genera­tion with Edgar Davids, Cla­rence See­dorf and yourself was out­stan­ding. Will Ajax be able to take that up in the near future?
You can’t com­pare the situa­tion back then with today’s. Our team was a mix­ture of expe­ri­enced players like Frank Rij­kaard, Jari Lit­manen and the de Boer-Bro­thers, and young, ambi­tious players like Cla­rence See­dorf and me. It was a stable and tight-knit squad. It will be very hard for Ajax to put tog­e­ther such a team ever again.

A majo­rity of the dutch national team in the mid-nine­ties played for Ajax. During the Euro 1996 however, rumour has it that the squad was divided in two parts. Edgar Davids accused Coach Guus Hiddink of racism and told him publicly to take his head out of the arses of some white players“. What do you think of this after all this years?
I still think that the media mis­in­ter­preted and twistet the story com­ple­tely. The pro­blem bet­ween Davids and Hiddink had not­hing to do with racism. There was no racism in our team.

Your son Justin is a winger in Ajax’ youth team. What do you think of his abi­li­ties?
He’s also member of the Dutch Under-16 national team and shows big talent. If he pro­ceeds like this on and off the pitch, he’ll have a great future.