1. He’s very suc­cessful
My dear Mister Sin­ging Club, what has he had a suc­cessful time in Dort­mund. Two times Meister, one time Pokal­winner and even the Final in the Königs­klasse: Jürgen Klopp really has a few gran­dios sai­sons gespielt. His suc­cess comes from a good mix of his abi­li­ties. He’s a real tactic-fox (he even has a second brain, Zjelko Buvac) and he really can take a mann­schaft with him. What helps there, is his juve­nile lan­guage: A team has to burn. The game is brutal. I have really ram on it. It was a horny game.“ and so on. Also, if something’s not working out, he’s not one who talks long around the hot por­ridge. A very important eigen­schaft as a coach.

2. He’s very emo­tional
When you see Jürgen Klopp on the side­line, giving a referee the ein­lauf of his life­time, you’ll know that he is not your average zero eight fif­teen-coach. If he feels unfair behan­delt, he’s jum­ping in tri­an­gles and even quits inter­views and leaves the inter­viewer stan­ding in the rain, wich is of course very blöd for the jour­na­list. But also as a player you have to take yourself in eight. If you think you don’t have to give ever­ything, you are on the woodway and you’ll come in devil’s kit­chen.

A classic hit-sword, a solid, reli­able plow­horse

3. He wasn’t a very good foot­baller
As a player, Jürgen Klopp was rather a classic hit-sword. One who went with the head through the wall and sli­dingt­ackled his oppon­ents likely over the wer­be­bande, if he had to sit a sign. He defi­ni­tely wasn’t much of a beau­ty­player or even a magic-mouse, but a solid, reli­able plow­horse in the defense, a man-decker of the old school. What a shame they don’t make players like him any­more. 

4. He’s very funny
If you have Jürgen Klopp as your Trainer, there’s never gonna be dead trouser. He likes to joke around a lot in press con­fe­rences and really has a Schalk in his neck (don’t ver­wechsel das with Schalke“). Some­times it’s even too much and all his jokes start going on your cookie. Also, if you don’t like TV-Wer­bung, you’ll soon have a pro­blem, because in things of wer­bung, he’s a real thousand­sassa. But as long as his per­fo­mance knocks you out of your socks, that’s gonna be okay, right?